This is a page impulsed by the Tremendous Wiktionary User Group.

TWUG life

This page is to organize meet-ups, conventions, trainings or classes for beginners. The TWUG may also be an interlocutor to help wiktionarians to visit institutions or other contributors, in residence or for small projects.

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Existing opportunities in 2017 edit

Wikimania 2017 edit

This year, no Wiktionary meet-up was made in Montreal. Maybe unofficial meetings but nothing organized by the User Group. Maybe next year!

Monthly meet-up in Lyon (France) edit

Since 2015, there is a regular Wiktionary meet-up in Lyon every first Thursday. Eight to twelve people are gathering in a pub to discuss about the project and present it to the newcomers. You are very welcome to participate! If you travel through the city, you can notice the participant and couch surf for a night or several.

You can also imagine to apply for a grant to come to present how you contribute and reinforce the network of contribution. Please notify the tremendous group and the meeting organizers.

German WiktionaryCon 2017 edit

There is a project to organize a WiktionaryCon in German Wiktionary.

WikiConvention francophone 2017 edit

This year, the WikiConvention francophone will be in Strasbourg and there will be some space for Wiktionary: a public presentation, a talk and a meet-up! You are welcome to join us!

Future opportunities edit

En route for an epic WiktiCon? edit

Alright, it's a big deal. If you are willing to participate to organize a big event, let's go to the talk page!

En route for a WiktiMOOC? edit

Convinced by the WikiMOOC? Ok, it can be interesting to reinforce our help pages with a proper course, but it's a tough job. So, if you want to be part of this, go to the talk page!

See also edit

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