Wikments is proposed wiki-based project for collection free documentation (for example, various guidebooks and reference manuals) by contributers. "Wikments" is the compound word of "Wiki" and "Documents", and means "Documents written with wiki".


The project is a collection of free guidebooks and other documents. It seems simillar to Wikibooks, but Wikments covers guidebooks and other documentations (for example, 9-11 memorial). In a certain genre(for example, computer games), Wikments can also have the community-side.


Now Wikibooks have various genre of textbooks and guidebooks, but Wikiboks must be a project for a textbook. I think so, I think Wikibooks must be content-base separated between textbooks and other guidebooks.

I thought two methods of this separation.

  1. Create a new project for other than textbooks
    Good: Wikibooks can go back to the way original should be.
    Bad: Noting
  2. Create a new project for textbooks
    Goos: Each project name is intelligible.
    Bad: Strange feeling to prepare newly because of the thing which should originally exist, and new project name for textbooks sounds so bad.

So, I took the first plan.


Why do textbooks and other guidebooks need to be separated? I don't see a reason for this not to be part of Wikibooks. Angela 06:49, 16 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I agree, wikidocuments, especially as proposed, are insufficiently different from wikibooks. (At first glance, I was wondering why we might need breath-freshening wikimints. Now I'm wondering whether I shouldn't be putting wikicondiments on my hot dog. I must be tired, because I'm thinking there must be a merchandizing opportunity here somewhere. Oof.) -- Beland 05:12, 26 May 2005 (UTC)