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Hi, if you have some news to report about your local wiki I like to hear about it to write about it. Here or at #wikizine

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The following template is used to start a new edition.


This edition of Wikizine is under construction.
It is a draft version.

The final version will be sent out whenever it is ready

You are free to edit this edition of Wikizine as long it is under construction to include news or to correct obvious spelling errors.

If you would like to get credit you need to include your name to the list of editors or correctors.

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	Year: 2011  Week:   Number:        

	    An independent internal news bulletin 
	  for the members of the Wikimedia community


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Wikipedia has already changed the world. Wikimedia movement is at the beginning of that task. To push the movement into that direction, Wikizine needs your bold ideas and personal perspectives! Send your ideas to us or simply add them into the appropriate section. What YOU think can change the world!

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