Editorial notice edit

Hi readers,

The best times of Wikizine are clearly gone. Long gone. It is more like a zombie currently than a newsletter. But I find it very difficult to do the good thing, to do what is needed, and terminated it finally and officially. When I started with Wikizine I started with edition "-5", five experimental editions and a "number 0" issue. And after that I decided at the time to continue with it. I would like to try to give Wikizine some sort a respectable ending and doing the same at the end.

So after this edition will come 5 more editions of Wikizine. I promise that I will do the best I can to make those editions of a quality like it used to be, years ago. And a reasonable publication rate. That is my way to give Wikizine an ending I can live with.

Only if suddenly a motivated user(s) would step up to be at least a core editor Wikizine can continue. That is improbable but not inconceivable.

Greetings, Walter @wikizine.org

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