Wikizine/Style guide

Wikizine is a newsletter that brings the most important news to the global Wikimedia community.

Guidelines edit

Inclusion and length edit

Stories in Wikizine should be:

  • as short as possible (usually a brief summary with links to more information);
  • relevant to the entire community, instead of a specific wiki or project (technical changes are usually the most important, since they affect all wikis).

Writing style edit

Stories in Wikizine should be:

  • written in the simplest English possible, so that non-native readers can understand:
    • avoid contractions, like "we're" instead of "we are";
    • use common number names, like "one thousand million" instead of "one billion" or "one milliard";
    • avoid vague words like "infamous", "empower", "disseminate", or "in perpetuity".
  • accurate (if a mistake is published, the next edition should contain an erratum correction);
  • written in plain text, with no formatting or wiki syntax, so that it can easily be distributed in any format.

Opinions and personal statements should be avoided, unless in an explicit "Editorial" section (which should be a rare exception). Dry humour and sarcasm make writing and reading more fun, but it should be relatively subtle (except in the quote section).

Management edit

  • The editor Walter takes the end responsibility. What is published and in what form is up to the active editors.
  • Wikizine is not managed by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Wikizine is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0