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  • Tragedy
  • Comedy
  • Melodrama
  • Film
  • Other


  • Costume designs (images)
  • Lighting (diagrams)
  • Sound effects (Public Domain/GNU/Commons Media packed into .zip, .rar or/and .tar.gz files)
  • Character Biographies


There is one way to write on wiki, when you are finished talking about how to stop writing on human body.

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi

If you are consumed with the idea that writing on body is fiction, I cannot explaine, neither tell you because you are stick match. Science and fiction are something like: match the stick with the sticking glue and then choose the powder. If you need anything in your holistic future, you will never know how much I love you. Writing like he is talking is like me as a drifting boat towards the open sea. Why would I ever take a womans life to write about something she would do. Along the way home I would explain but it was already too late. She did not wanted to be with another men. You shouted, you screamed, you made a full bullet from me. I felt loaded with silver and titanium. My skin felt ice cold as a morning breezer in the neighbour e hood that felt good! So I never thought about it how easy it is to write all day and did not had to explain myself, not to me, not to enthousiastic people, but only to the ones that already died. So if I would be a believer, I would cry my eyes out, but never take the life of myself by asking the other to be beside me without a trace. The cluelessness of the big Kahuna is not so simple as it would teach. How much is the castle? You would say that he is moved from one place to another. She grasped and said: Why would I die for somebody instead of anybody. You will not know what happend to the guano. He laughed and as progress may cover the truth: He is not getting older, he is a vampire and I, MINE did not noticed that he was a part of A part of my life. So to expatservices: I really need to know why he has the same size of shoes, pants and helmet. He must be some kind of space cadet. I was all thight up and I did not really was paying for the pages, but instead of that, I messaged the authorist, to explain why I did not pay, so I talked inside intelligents, and he said to me: you seem to like to explain things do you or do you not? I said : yes that it true, I am not directly satisfied with the way that things are around the globe. So I found myself a globetrotter to fix some of the earthly things. Something strange was about to happen, because the mailman became the dealer, and the dealer became the dentist, so he fixed it with fix it, and when he understood that he is not in controle of controle controle, he should say controled by my evil side I needed to tell you how much the fishing plumber costs, the needle and the spoon, the bumblebear and the twirlingsam. The new body is controled by Will. Although I am really anxius

  • Hor-ror
  • Thriller
  • My-stery Story
  • My-ths
  • Fab-les
  • Fl-ash
  • Ex-perimental


  • Visuals
  • Character biographies



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