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This initiative has arisen out of Wikimedians wanting to experiment with Wikiwalks in the run up to Wikimania 2014.

Next Walk: Sunday May 18th

Walk 1Edit

  • 15:00 BST is 14:00 GMT/UTC on Sunday April 20th
  • Meet at Barbican Tube Station at street level.
  • Walk will be about 2 miles (3 km) in length.

For more info see here


John Wesley's "Aldersgate experience" plaque

It rained! Six people attended, some already Wikimedians, some not yet. We crossed over Aldersgate Street to the Estate, where we discovered we were bty John Trundle House (no page for JT yet). We then moved south coming across Seddon Highwalk, and wondered if this was any way connected to the Wikimedian Joseph Seddon. Going past Lauderdale House. We soon ended up by Defoe House. Here we talked about Lou Lewis, the former UCATT Regional Secretary who had worked and been on strike during the construction of the Barbican. We made our way through the Barbican Centre, re-emerging by Gilbert Bridge. We continued on through the postern, which runs along by Wood Street. At the junction with London Wall we turned west along thge Bastion Highwalk. When we reached the end of the building we descended the stairs and went to visit some ancient remains by the Barber Surgeon's Hall. The ruins consisted of medieval constructions built on what was left of the Roman fort. We returned to London Wall and ascended a concrete staircase which gave us an insight into the architectural term brutalist. We continued past the Museum of London and marvelled at the large bronze plaque memorialising John Wesley's "Aldersgate experience" of 24 May 1738. We went around Nettleton Court before taking the John Wesley Highwalk along the western edge of the Barbican Estate. When we reached Thomas More House, we walked along it to Mountjoy House. Here we went along Wallside, looking down at the ruins we had visited shortly before. Soon we were back at the Postern, and here our group split in two.

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[ Battles on the Barbican: the Strugglefor Trade Unionism in the BritishBuilding Industry, 1965–7] by Charlie McGuire, Linda Clarke and Christine Wall