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Our Manual of style contains a collection of guidelines for giving our articles a good look and feel. Good articles should follow these guidelines. The manual of style is broken up into several articles. You can link to an article, when you want to quote a special rule in discussions.

Introduction edit

Our manual of style hasn't got a beginning and an end. You can start reading everywhere. This article gives you review of all articles. The following section provides a list of some recommended starting points.

Specifications of articles edit

All articles on Wikivoyage should have a consistent layout. That's why we warmly recommend our Specifications for articles to you.

Geographical hierarchy edit

It's good to know how we divide the world up. The article about the Geographical hierarchy provides this information. Articles that don't fit in our geographical hierarchy are filed into our topic namespace.

What topics get their own article? edit

Not every topic should have its own article. What is an article is a guideline about creating new articles. Wikipedians should especially read it and note the substantive and important policy differences.

Printable articles edit

Although Wikivoyage is an internet-project, we want to have our articles printed in the future. You should think about the Neutrality of medium when you write an article.

Content edit

Wikivoyage is a travel guide not an encyclopedia. We limit our content to information about travelling. According to our experience Wikipedians forget this restriction occasionally.

Images edit

Wikivoyage isn't a photo gallery. We use Images in articles sparingly.

General structure edit

This section describes the structure of Wikivoyage as a whole.

Structure of the articles edit

Where can I place my information? edit

Formatting style edit

This section describes the layout of the articles. It describes the style, i.e. how we take raw information and put it in a format that's easily usable by travellers.

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Writing style edit

Other topics edit

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