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The Wikiversity is just emerging. I propose that we review the necessary material by helping get various general and specific engineering curriculum material compiled, tutoring, mentoring, and (of course) some studying and evaulation of existing materials.

Simultaneously we can draft a core critical minimum of review material with links to the more exhaustive materials used by the current participants pursuing initial studies of rudimentary and advanced material. This will allow each of us to individually address our weaknesses while all of us benefit from our aggregate strengths.

General Engineering Fundamental Core Classes List b:Wikiversity:School of Engineering

General U.S. Fundamentals Exam

Oregon defers/refers to the National Board of Engineering Examiners Specific Disciplines or Specialties According to each U.S. State P.E. exams.

  • Oregon
Systems Engineering - I will contact the state to get the specific guidance available on the current state of the testing or associated state or Federal exams and licenses that are applicable according to the Oregon Engineering Board of Examiners. Lazyquasar 03:21, 28 November 2005 (UTC)[reply]
Online starting point. [1]
Ouch! Looks like HP41CV may be out due to primitive word processing capabilities.[2] May have to spring for a straight sliderule with RPN and get started practicing with it. I just hope one on approved list is RPN.[3]