Department of Computational Sciences

The Department of Computational Sciences is a collection of institutes that in some way have to do with computing, either theoretical, technical, or in a practical manner.

Institutes edit

Materials for a specific field are gathered in an institute, which may participate in multiple departments. The page naming may differ from the (fancy) names for the institutes. We will refrain from naming the institutes after persons (i.e. no "Alfred-E-Neumann Institute of Creative Computing" here. You are welcome to add something like this over in the sandbox).

Research Groups edit

Research groups in Computational Sciences who are willing to collaborate via a wiki can be found over in the creating area.

Teaching Rings edit

A teaching ring is a groups of teachers who teach a common subject. Any teacher can participate in as many teaching rings as they like. A teaching ring will tend to produce and catalogue materials for their field, as well as make sure that their institute or other area remains free of troll-droppings and other materials that do not belong there.