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Lists of Wikiversity Learning Projects edit

A fundamental unit of community within Wikiversity is a message between two participants which contains meaningful information.

Another fundamental unit of community within Wikiversity is the Learning Group. Wikiversity Learning Groups are groups of Wikiversity participants with a shared learning goal. Learning Groups participate in Wikiversity Learning Projects that are relevant to achieving a group's learning goals. Learning projects involve the creation and development of Wikiversity pages that describe the learning experiences of Learning Group members.

Existing Learning Projects edit

Proposed Learning Projects edit

  • Wiki 101 - Introduction to wiki editing and wiki communities
  • Citing Sources - Introduction to finding high quality, verifiable sources and citing them in WikiMedia projects.
  • Climate Change Project - students explore climatological data and climate prediction models.
  • Astronomy Project - students access public astronomy databases and explore outer space.
  • Theory of Everything Project - student research projects involving public databases for particle physics experiments.
  • Educational Video Project - participants learn how to make videos, catalog free license video sources, contact holders of educational video and ask for release of video under the GFDL.
  • Wikimedia Garbage Detail - Wikiversity's sister projects such as Wikipedia discard articles that do not conform to the narrow mission of the various Wikimedia projects. The Wikimedia Garbage Detail will be a Wikiversity project devoted to learning how to efficiently capture discarded content from other Wikimedia projects that is suitable for Wikiversity.
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