Open research wiki. Where all "Original Research" articles that don't make it to Wikipedia go! Setup research topics and launch brainstorming discussions. A place to share great ideas in all fields of science. These ideas that are even in a premature stage but with constructive criticism, collaboration, interaction and synergy they can become the next breakthroughs. This is not a wiki for things that exist, but for the things to come! Update: this project has been quite warmly welcome by many, however it never acquired a critical mass needed to take off. I would like suggestions on what to do.

Pure, creative and visionary scientific thought is today stagnant. Publishing new ideas requires that almost every sentence has a reference and the same "established" ideas are recycled and recombined. WikiThink provides a shelter for all those great ideas, notions or concepts that remain in the shadow and can never make it through the review screen. These ideas require criticism, effort and interaction in order to become full featured theories or inventions.

Therefore, WikiThink is the ideal place for open research. The wiki format is excellent for such an effort: research subjects are composed of known facts, known problems and possible solutions, but also totally unknown problems. These should be put down and participants in each subject should brainstorm to figure out the appropriate strategies to tackle them.

The benefits for participating in such an effort would be enormous: faster than ever advance through synergy!

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