Version this test was taken on

Onceay onupay aya imetay, aya agicalmay ieryfay avedway erhay andway 
otay reatecay theay ikitestway emoday agepay.

--Professor xxx: When writing piglatin, you should cut them into their individual syllables like so:

wikitest -> ikiway estway

Other than that, good job.

--Dragontamer 19:56, 20 December 2005 (UTC): Thank you. Here is my second try:[reply]

onceay upay onay aay imetay, aya agmay icay alay ieryfay avedway 
erhay andway toay recay ateay theay ikiway estway eday omay agepay.
--Professor xxx: Good, you have done it perfectly.

So thats how it goes. A little explanation here. It is important to make a permalink to the test page, so that future revisions of the test don't change anything.

Idealy, tests should be longer, but I hope you guys get the drift on how I think this should work.