Wikisource Community User Group/February 2017 Hangout

To talk about various Wikisource things, such as:

Notes will be recorded on an etherpad.

If anyone has any trouble joining the Hangout, get on #wikisourceconnect on IRC and we'll try to sort it out.



  1. Sam Wilson
  2. Bodhisattwa
  3. Nicolas VIGNERON
  4. Yann
  5. Jayanta

Some connections troubles...

Actions from last time:

IA UploadEdit

Sam reported on recent work done on the IA Upload tool (working to meet Wikisource Wishlist #2).

  • Better system of generation of DJvU based on Alex Brollo's script
  • DJVU creation is functionning \o/
  • Google page removal works too, optional for user, not automatic
  • We need a boot to remove existing Google front pages on Commons
  • I18n of the interface in Translatewiki, see T158522

Still to come:

Open issues:

Please try and report bugs!

Author metadata editing gadgetEdit

A cross-wiki gadget (all language wikisource using one gadget) to edit authors' metadata on Wikidata, from Wikisource. Building a gadget will help because we wont have to leave Wikisource worth trying

Localisation via commons perhaps? e.g.

Documentation is essential (qv. too)

WikiCite 2017Edit

WikiCite ! Wikidata data, gadgets/stuff specific for Wikisource needs.

2017 European GLAMwiki Coordinators meetingEdit

Nicolas: GLAMwiki meeting, Paris employees from WMUK, Italia, Austria, etc. and Nicolas from Wikisource Roundtable and Panels Bottomline : GLAM know Wikisource but doesnt know what Wikisource really is !!! Workshop done by Nicolas - 2 peoples very interested. Librarian from Tunis, needs guide and easy/quick workflow,

Wikimedia CH grantEdit

Yann: Wikimedia CH gave a grant for one year to Yann, meeting scheduled in Lausanne (with Gabrielle Marie and someone from the archive) If you have wish about a specific book, just ask Yann. @Yann, if you find any book in Bengali Language , please archive it. Catalogue link please - Book scanner in Paris : (in French, some info in English here : ) Swiss National Library : Lausanne BCU :

Bengali books -

Geneva BU : Workshops / editathons later ths year in Switzerland

Please put online a list of books you wish to get scanned:

  • Pierre Cérésole

Wikiconvention in Paris - scanned 2 books ( )

Sam: it would be cool to have a book scanner community

BUB toolEdit

BUB tool - - Sam: not familiar, tricky create phabricator task

Needs discussion

Make Wikisource "book-based"Edit

need to discuss

Build stats for contest toolEdit

need one simlpe stats tools about

Next meetupEdit

Next meetup - 26th March, 2017