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This project is dead

Wikisick was a former proposed project.

It was meant to be a wiki where every article is a real medical case. Basically, the victims of diseases write the symptoms and upload interactive media, and any medically interested person describes it.


This is a Wiki where any person may write down their symptoms, preferably in addition to uploading images. The proposer, any other medical student or any other with interest in medicine who wants to get some practice on their knowledge, then takes a look on the cases and writes further questions, e.g. "Where does it hurt?", "How long have you had it?" or "Please upload another image where you stand up instead!" In the end there would hopefully be an answer to what possible disease it is. After a while, where hundreds of cases, with images and descriptions, are presented, then people may perhaps not need to start a new article, but may find the answer just by looking at the existing cases.

For instance, a person, "the patient", starts the article "Fever, sore throat, weakness" I, or any other medical student, follow up with questions, e.g. "Do you have swollen lymph nodes? You can learn how to feel them at this web address: ..." The patient sees that the article is changed, reads the question, feels is lymph nodes, and perhaps the answer is yes. If so, the next visiting student goes by and suggests possible diseases, e.g. Infectious mononucleosis. The patient may then learn about this disease in e.g. Wikipedia, where there is information about treatment, prognosis etc.

The next person with similar symptoms may find the article either by searching any of the words of the article name, or perhaps by Category:Sore throat

Thus, victims of diseases get their conditions explained, medically interested people get some practice, and anybody who ever gets struck by the same condition again may easily find information about it.

Of course, this Wiki shouldn't exclude a proper diagnosis with a real doctor, especially where there may be a hazardous disease. It is rather meant to complement doctors, and also to facilitate their work, when they don't need to educate the patients themselves to the same degree. Nevertheless, it is going to be clearly stated to every patient that nothing said in the Wiki should be held for being completely accurate, and the medical students who participate don't take any responsibility for wrong information or misunderstandings.

Proposed slogan: Imagine a world in which every sick human being can freely learn from the sum of all medical cases. That's our commitment.


More info:Proposals for new projects#Wikisick

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