Wikischool Uzbekistan

Wikischool Uzbekistan - group of enthusiastic students from Uzbekistan, who write articles on a wide range of subjects.

Wikischool Uzbekistan

LocationFlag of Uzbekistan.svg Uzbekistan
Country codeUZ
Approval date1 november 2020
Official language(s)Russian
Other language(s)Uzbekistan


  • Promote the usage of Wikimedia by students in Uzbekistan;
  • Develop Wikipedia in Russian, Uzbek and English languages;
  • Motivate people in Uzbekistan to learn how to edit Wikimedia projects;
  • Organize in-person gatherings of Wikimedian students in Uzbekistan.


  • Edit-a-thons for Wikipedia and Wikidata in Uzbekistan
  • Promote editing of Uzbek and Uzbekistan-related content on Wikimedia projects
  • Trainings around Uzbekistan on how to edit Wikimedia projects


  • From November 1, 2020, till May 25 2021 Diplomat International School promotes writing articles about Uzbek politicians, ministers, chairmen, national Olympic committee’s presidents, heroes of Uzbekistan among students.
  • From September 1 to November 1, Wikischool Sports will be held on writing articles about Uzbek athletes, coaches, participation of Uzbekistan in competitions, and sports federations.

Contact informationEdit

Artemev Nikolay


To become a member you have to:

  • be a citizen and/or a permanent resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • have more than 100 edits in Wikimedia projects or more than 5 articles about Uzbekistan
  1. Reichel Eva
  2. Murat Guldona Bonu
  3. Asadbek Botirqulov