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All through the 15th, 16th, 17th and 19th century there were multiple witch trails, mainly in Europe and America.

Presentation on witch hunts in the Lower lands, what later on would become the Netherlands and Flanders

This project aims to document the information there is on those trails, and on the accused. About 85% of the persons accused where woman, because of the roles they fulfilled in daily life (midwifes, healers), and how vulnerable their position was in those specific times.

This involves different projects:

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What can I do?Edit

We would like to map and categorize the information we have on the different projects. Translating the articles into your own language, and add information and sources from your country.

Local ProjectsEdit

Edinburgh UniversityEdit

The Edinburgh University created a really cool project around the 3100 accused witches in Scotland and visualized their history by adding their data into Wikidata.

Check it out! (How did she go forward in this project? Read Emma's blog!)

French WikipediaEdit

On the French Wikipedia, a list was created, with an associated map from a Sparql query listing victims of the witch hunts: fr:Liste des victimes de chasses aux sorcières. There is an associated project ː

Associated projet on fr-wiki

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witch hunt Hexenverfolgung im Herzogtum Westfalen
witch hunt Doruchów witch trial Doruchów witch trial
Q7161327 witchcraft Pelesit
Q7229521 witchcraft Poppet  
Q7225934 witchcraft Polong Полон (фольклор)
Q60791499 witchcraft Frog coffin
Q1616764 witchcraft Witch bottle Bouteille de sorcière Hexenflasche  
Q30765203 witchcraft witch ball boule de sorcière  
Q20982945 witchcraft en:Hōko (doll)
Q6418017 witchcraft Kitchen witch مداوي شعبي  
Q23020850 quiltmaker en:Wini McQueen