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Main Page is a principle portal to showcase the accumulated information richness of every Wikipedia. Smaller language Wikipedias often don't have manpower to keep updating «On this day» project templates, so «Calendar for the month» is a simpler approach to begin with. Such project-templates start getting populated by selected anniversaries of famous personalities from within or for the local language community.

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Each WLR language Wikipedia community could:

  1. Create and/or update the existing Person (ru:Шаблон:Персона) template so as to support referencing Wikidata elements
    1. Create/update a set of necessary modules and templates
    2. Translate basic categorization elements therein into the local language
  2. Person (ru:Шаблон:Персона) template to be added into all articles about individuals:
    1. Wherever possible, respective articles should be linked to Wikidata elements, otherwise
    2. bday & ddays should be filled in format manually
  3. have a categories tree as below:
    1. ru:Категория:Родившиеся 2 марта (born on 2 March) and ru:Категория:Умершие 2 марта (died on March 2),
    2. [[Категория:Родившиеся в марте]] and [[Категория:Умершие в марте]] - similars to mdf:Категорие:Шачсь мартста (born in March) and tyv:Аңгылал:Мартта мөчээн (died in March)
    3. ru:Категория:Родившиеся (born) and ru:Категория:Умершие (died), ru:Категория:Март (March)
  4. have a local project page and specific month templates
  5. have "This month" template (or alternative renewal mechanism) added to the Main Page
  6. think about moving to "On this day" template rotation format once they accumulate enough entries to break them into separate days like ru:Шаблон:События_дня:03-10 or en:Wikipedia:Selected anniversaries/September 5.



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