Wikipedia mascot/name


How about calling it mavy [MAV-E] :-) -fonzy

LOL, please no. :) --Maveric149


If the centipede/milipede is chosen the name Wikipede as a play on Wikipedia sounds neat! User:ILVI

  • Yep - another reason to support the Wikipede! :) --mav
    • Great, now what about all 198 Wikipedias we host? -- user:zanimum


Wiki, the quick Wikipedia Wikipede. Minimal name for the centipede-like or millipede-like wikipede.


I found it when I worked on an alternate ant's logo.

Why? More reasons :

  • In french 'ant' means 'fourmi' ....Last sentence 'mi' ;o)
  • And when I see beautiful thing, I always say that it's 'mimi' !!! :op
  • Me <---> Mi <---> My
  • 'Wiki'....I must explain why ? :o|

But this name could be used for every mascot, no ?

Oliezekat 23:54 24 Jul 2003 (UTC)

  • A name based on puns, ununderstandable in other languages. -- user:zanimum


Just playing around. Probably one part of Wikipedia will be in the name. So why only take the Wiki part ;-) Fantasy 14:50, 11 Aug 2003 (UTC)

  • It doesn't work in a good majority of other languages. -- user:zanimum


If it's not a centipede or something leggily similar (as for instance, an owl or otter), this at least has the virtue of stressing the pedia part of WP. On the other hand, it is short enough to be perhaps unacceptable in some language I don't know. Lots of choices there, of course. ww 17:16, 2 Mar 2004 (UTC)

  • It doesn't work in a good majority of other languages. -- user:zanimum


Pythia is pithy.

Wykee or WykiEdit

I think Wykee is a nice twist, or Wyki. Ruiz


What about this one? LOL Ruiz

  • Wicked = bad. It's also a pun, puns don't work in other languages. -- user:zanimum

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a centipede name wikipedeEdit

awesome much?