Wikipedia for Peace Switzerland 2019/Program and Ideas

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Wikipedia for Peace

The program is under construction.

Usually we work about from 9 to 12:15 in the morning and 15 to 18:15 in the afternoon.

Individual overtime is allowed ;-) But be aware of the risk of addiction!

Date Activity
Friday, April 26
  • Arrival
  • Icebreaking and first get together
Saturday, April 27
  • Program
  • Introduction to the topic
  • Introduction to the project, to SCI and Wikimedia
  • Needs - Hopes - Fears - Expectations
  • Starting the Adventure behind the scenes of Wikipedia
  • First edits in sandbox and in Wikipedia
  • the language versions of Wikipedia
Sunday, April 28
  • Translating / editing articles
  • the Wikipedia Community
Monday, April 29
  • Translating / editing articles
  • Workshop about Wikimedia Commons
Tuesday, April 30
  • Translating / editing articles
  • Gender Imbalance on Wikipedia
Wednesday, May 1st
  • FREE DAY. Ev. visit of near towns, for ex. La Chaux-de-Fonds
Thursday, May 2nd
  • Start a new article
  • Workshop about Wikidata and its relation to Wikipedia
  • Translating / editing articles
Friday, May 3rd
  • Wikimedia Commons / Wikidata
  • Translating / editing articles
  • Wikimedia Chapters in the countries of the participants
  • Summary, looking back and in the future
Saturday, May 4
  • Translating / editing articles
  • Cleaning of the house
  • Good by party
  • END of the camp
Sunday, May 5
  • Travelling home