Wikipedia for Peace 2015/Program

Wikipedia for Peace Participants Program Results
Date Time Activity
Friday, August 14 Afternoon Icebreaking and first get together

Introduction to the topic:

  • Project goals: SCI and Wikimedia
  • Introduction to program, what to bring
  • Camp diary/ Blog on SCI website.
Saturday, August 15 Morning Introduction to Wikipedia:
  • What is it? What is Wikimedia? Background, finance, GNU etc
  • The structure of a Wikipedia article, what various feature are there?
  • How do I write an article in regard of technics?
  • How do I write an article in regard of contents? (research, sources, neutrality, problems with translations etc)
  • What are the particular features in the various language versions?
  • First steps in editing, creating an account etc.
Afternoon Introduction to the project:
  • What is peace? What are the various meanings peace?
  • Personal research material
  • Project work flow, how to record progress, ideas etc.
  • What to consider when editing political topics in Wikipedia?
  • Meet your online Buddies
Sunday, August 16 Morning Workshop with Amnesty International
  • Arms trade and arms delivery
Afternoon I Presentation of personal material
Afternoon II “Heroes of peace”
Monday, August 17 Morning and Afternoon I Editing
Afternoon II Wikidata-Workshop
Tuesday, August 18 Morning Editing
Evening WikiTuesday:
  • Meet the Viennese Wikimedia Community
  • Get individual feedback on your progress
Wednesday, August 19 Free day
Thursday, August 20 Morning 2nd Workshop regarding the topic peace
Afternoon Editing
Friday, August 21 Morning and Afternoon Editing
Saturday, August 22 Morning Viennese Foto Safari
Afternoon Wikimedia Commons Workshop:
  • Licences and their meanings for Commons
  • What is Wikimedia?
  • How to take a picture? How to upload it? How to use it? How do others use them? What are the conditions for doing so?
  • Upload own work and get to know commons
Sunday, August 23 Morning Wiktionary-Workshop:
  • Structure and functions of Wiktionary
  • Differences between various language versions
  • Translating and editing
Afternoon Free time or editing
Monday, August 24 Free day
Tuesday, August 25 Morning Finish work, finish research
Evening WikiTuesday:

Presentation of own work, international homemade dinner

Wednesday, August 26 Morning Workshop at SCI office
Afternoon Open doors at SCI office
  • Austrian press is invited
Evening Wrap-up and learnings:
  • How did you like the workshops?
  • How to continue participating and engaging in Wikimedia projects? Follow-up ideas?
  • Evaluation
Afterwards Party
Thursday, August 27 Departure