Wikipedia Workshop, Kano 2018

Saturday, 29th December 2018. Chilla Luxury Suites, Kano, Nigeria.

WIKIPEDIA, is a general reference internet encyclopedia and one of the most popular websites in the world. Ubiquitous in nearly every search result of Google, Wikipedia has since inception been built and transformed into gargantuan indispensable academic resource by volunteers around the world. Everybody, irrespective of race, gender, political leaning, and/or level of education can contribute. What is needed is just the means (computer, cellphone, tablet, phablet and the internet access) and willingness to contribute in building summary of human knowlegedge — and then the knowledge of how.

Although English version of Wikipedia is the most well known (and to some people, the only known) due to the apparent supremacy of English language in the world, Wikipedia exists in around 290 other languages besides English, including Hausa language

This projects aims at increasing awareness and rekindling interest of Wikimedia projects and especially projects in Hausa in Northern Nigeria.

This project is funded by Wikimedia Foundation.

Event Status: Completed

Aims edit

  • Increase awareness around Wikimedia projects in Northern Nigeria.
  • Piquing interest of Hausa speakers and people from Northern Nigeria to edit Wikimedia projects, revive Hausa version of Wikipedia and participate in global Wikimedia movement.
  • Discuss strategies of sustaining communities across Northern Nigeria.

Event details edit

  • Location: Kano, Kano State, Nigeria.
  • Date: Saturday, 29th December 2018 (Main program). Sunday, 28th December 2018 (Pre-program) by invitaion.
  • Time: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
  • Languages: English and Hausa
  • Venue: Chilla Luxury Suites, No 110, Audu Bako Way, Nasarawa GRA, Kano, Kano State. Google Map
Days, before the event

Schedule of activities edit

  • Day 1. Schedule for Friday, 28th December 2018 (Pre-program session)
Time Activity
8:00 am — Arrival of guest from Wikimedia User Group Nigeria
4:00pm — 6:00pm Discussion with select group of participants on the way forward for Wikimedia in Northern Nigeria
  • Day 2. Schedule for Saturday, 29th December 2018. (Program)
Time Activity Speaker/Facilitator
10:00am —10:30am Arrival and Registration
10:30am — 10:45am Welcome remarks and introduction of guests. Aliyu Dahiru Aliyu and Ammar Abdulhamid
10:45am — 11:10am General Introduction to Wikipedia Ammar Abdulhamid
11:10am — 11:50am Wikimedia family: An introduction to Wikimedia projects. Olaniyan Olushola
12:00am — 12:50am How to write basic Wikipedia article Bertrand de Seissan (remotely)
1:00pm — 2:00pm Prayers and Lunch break
2:00pm — 3:00pm Articles creation/editing session Olaniyan Olushola, Aliyu D. Aliyu, Ammar Abdulhamid, Umar Kutawa.
3:00pm — 3:30pm Uploading Media: The Wikimedia Commons
3:30pm — 4:00pm Sustaining Wikimedia community of volunteers in Northern Nigeria. Olaniyan Olushola (President, Wikimedia User Group Nigeria)
4:00pm — 4:30pm Closing remarks, reflection by participants
4:30pm — Group pictures and Departures
  • Follow up.
Time Activity
5:00pm — 6:00pm Discussion with select group of participants on the way forward for Wikimedia in Northern Nigeria

Report edit

Some participants
Majority of the participants say they never edited Wikipedia

The first workshop took place on Saturday, 29th December at the conference hall of Chilla Luxury Suites in Kano, Kano State. More people attended than we actually envisaged, and our guest Olaniyan Olushola had flown a day earlier. During the first segment of the event, we have a very basic Introduction to Wikipedia presentation as actually almost 80% of the participants never edited Wikipedia before. DonCamillo made a presentation on How to write basic Wikipedia article remotely from Addis Ababa.

Earlier, on Friday 28th December 2018, we had a preliminary session and discussion with some select people from Kano, including User:Aliyu Dahiru Aliyu, (who's now our Kano coordinator). In the night of the same day we have media engagement on a local radio station, Guarantee FM where Olaniyan Olushola was interviewed and explained the work of Wikimedia UserGroup Nigeria, the purpose of the then-yet-be-done workshop in Kano and overall mission of Wikimedia movement. I, among other participants, were interviewed the following day and the event covered by the station too: Interview with me in Hausa language and report that was broadcasted can be heard here on Soundcloud.

  • Some highlights:
  1. Over 200 people indicated interest to attend: Google sheet; restricted access due to personal details.
  2. Over 60 people attended the event
  3. 42 new accounts created, 35 signed in Outreach Dashboard
  4. Our guest, Olaniyan Olushola attended and delivered impressive presentation.
  5. DonCamillo spoke remotely from Addis Ababa.

Workshop pictures edit

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  • Olushola speaking
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