Wikipedia Weekly Network/Ideas

This is a page to gather ideas for different types of Wikipedia Weekly Network programming. We welcome a wide range of different ideas, especially in the wake of 2020 cancellation of many in-real-life events, ranging from edit-a-thons, conferences, hackathons and training sessions.

Programming so far has ranged from streaming casual editing sessions (similar to Twitch-style e-gaming) to formal episodes with pre-arranged interviews to roundtable discussions with Wikimedia user groups. Ideas should not be limited to these types!

Events and commemorationsEdit

  • Earth Day 2020 - April 22 - Possibly forces with Boston chapter (daytime edit-a-thon) and Wikimedia NYC (Wiki Wednsday evening US event)? Also, there has been Telegram chatter about a wider interest in an Earth Day type of program.
  • Wikimedia Hackathon - Was scheduled for May, but we may be able to do something here
  • Wikimania Week - August 1-9?


  • Tabular data - What is the status of using it, and how can we improve it?
  • Wikidata scalability and performance issues
  • Branding
  • Alternatives to Wikipedia's COVID content - Ed Saperia and the COVID Handbook in Google Docs
  • Best practices or tools for mobile users
  • Create Mozilla Hubs space together -
  • Global templates
  • From Mahir
    • live querying (though that might deprive Lucas of thunder)
    • live Wikisource editing (proofread some pages of something on enWS)
    • live imports to Wikidata (setting up a QS batch, for example)
    • discussion of lexemes and lexicographical data
  • Strategy Sandbox - Bottom-up view of strategy beyond the 2030 process, focusing on the history of social movements as they relate to topics like communication, identity, etc


  • Demonstrate basics of how Wikidata SPARQL queries work
  • Demonstrate options on how to do uploads of many files to Commons
  • Demonstrate how Pattypan, a spreadsheet-based mass uploader of Commons images, works
  • Demonstrate how videos work in Wikimedia Commons - why aren't my MP4 files allowed?
  • Demo complications of Commons uploading - SDC and other confusing distractions for uploading


  • Losing Strategy - An interview series with last year's Affiliate-selected board seats candidates by one of its losers, focusing on the current strategic moment over drinks in a simulated political saloon
  • Fill in ideas here


  • Do a live request a Wikidata query hour with WikidataFacts - Lucas Werkmeister
  • Show how Wikidata Knowledge Graphs work and take requests on how to create new ones - Sample:
  • Shape Expressions (ShEx) in Wikidata - what are they and how do they work?
  • Lexemes, words and lexical information in Wikidata
  • Sockpuppet Talk Page Masterpiece Theatre
  • Live Wikisource editing—from uploading a book to transcluding pages
  • Fill in ideas here

Contests or challengesEdit

  • Worst illustrations you have found on Wikipedia
  • Most unusual Wikipedia articles