Wikipedia Treks Mountains

Wikipedia Treks Mountains is a trekking exploration event in the hilly and mountain regions of this planet to photograph and document the areas in order to create and improve the related Wikipedia and Wikivoyage articles.

Why this event ?Edit

Inspired by the highly popular Wikipedia Takes Your City events, which are successfully organized by Wikipedians throughout the world, it is time to look beyond the cities and hometowns to the remote regions of this planet, where modern vehicles still have very little access to the scarcely populated beautiful mountain landscapes. Wikipedia Treks Mountains events propose to enrich Wikimedia Commons by increasing the photographic content and to create and improve Wikipedia and Wikivoyage articles related to these areas.

What is required ?Edit

To organize Wikipedia Treks Mountains, love and passion towards the mountains and a camera is a must. Apart from that, hiking equipment like sleeping bags, tents, windproof jackets, trekking shoes, crampons, ice-axes, first-aid kit, snow boots etc. are needed to safely travel in mountain areas. Please be safe, and let others know where you are going and when.

Who can participate ?Edit

Anyone in this world can participate in Wikipedia Treks Mountains event. Love for the mountains has no boundaries. However it is important that participants are be physically fit to undergo adventurous events.


Wikimedia Commons has more media related to:
  • Plan a trek to a hilly or mountain region.
  • Search Wikipedia or Wikivoyage articles for the information about the area.
  • If there is scope of improvement of the articles and enrichment of commons photo content, go for the trek.
  • Spread word through social media
  • Get contact details of participants
  • Encourage new people from outside the community to join.
  • This is a team event. Trekking with groups is safer than trekking alone
  • Select a team-leader and divide responsibilities to organize and complete the trek.
  • Enjoy the trek.
  • After completion of the trek, upload photos at commons, improve the wiki articles and submit a report.

What is important during the trekEdit

Kannaskis Mountains in Alberta, Canada
  • Be sure, no garbage, especially plastic, is left behind in the mountains. Global warming is already affecting the mountains in a serious way. Glaciers like Gangotri and Siachen are retreating every day and snow clad peak of Mount Kilimanjaro is historical now because of us. So, leave behind only footprints and take back only photographs.

Do notEdit

  • Do not take photographs of local people without their permission. Respect their privacy.
  • Do not take photographs where it is prohibited to do so, like army and para-military check-points etc.
  • Do not throw garbage here and there in the mountains. Keep it in your waste bag and dump in a dustbin when you are back to the city.

Interested participantsEdit

Please leave your username, and the area where you want to trek.

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