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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2022

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If your are planning to participate or organize local WPWP campaign in your community or for your user group, please sign up at the Participating Communities page. Then subscribe to the Official Mailing List with your email address, so the Organizing Team can keep you updated with WPWP developments.

Before the start of the campaign (May – June) edit

  • In May, prepare and send your grant request for WPWP campaign on the Wikimedia Fluxx grant portal.
    • Apply during the Cycle 2, 1st June – July 15th round, that is the only round available for the campaign.
    • Note that the deadline to submit your grant request is 1st June, 2022, so it's important to send your request as early as reasonable. (See Grant process timeline for details).
    • On the Fluxx portal when creating your application, under the "Grant Proposal" section, select "Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos" as your answer for question number 4.
  • Early June, about three weeks before the launch date:
    • Start engaging your community about your intentions and ideas.
    • Identify what kind of events are ideal for your community.
  • Mid-June, at least two weeks before the launch date:
  • Late June, at least one week before the launch date:
    • Please inform the International Organizing Team of the categories of images your community is targeting as underutilized.

During the campaign (July – August) edit

  • Keep sharing the how-to-participate resource materials on all available social media platforms and other selected communication media for your community.
  • Encourage users to share their achievements on social media (to encourage others/create a sense of competition).
  • Remind participants to always use the hashtag #WPWP in their Edit summaries.
  • Keep sharing statistics via social media to encourage more participation and competition.
  • As an organizer, ensure you are available to provide further tips and advice as required.
  • Reach out to the International Organizing Team at any point during the contest.

Additional notes edit

  • Showcase to your community the use of various tools listed here.
  • Show participants how to add images to articles.
  • Showcase how to add the hashtag #WPWP in the Edit summary.
  • To track metrics such as the total number of articles improved, the list of articles improved, the total number of participants from your community, ranking of users with the highest number of images used on articles and the total number of language Wikipedias improved, use the hashtag #WPWP on edit summary of all articles improved with photos.