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Maabot na an Kampanyang #WPWP 2021!


An Petscan pwedeng magamit sa paghanap nin mga artikulo na dai pa nin mga ladawan sa saimong partikular na lenggwahe. Yaon sa ibaba an pasunod-sunod kan proseso:

  1. Magpasiring sa
  2. Hali sa Categories tab, magpili sa mga language code (ar,en,sk halimbawa)
  3. Magpili nin kategorya nin mga artikulo sa Wiki na ini. Halimbawa para sa kategoryang "Monuments and Memorials in Lagos"sa en:wiki
  4. I-click an "Page Property" tab, asin pilion an "Lead image=No".
  5. Iclick an "do it"

Kun ini tapos nang gibuhon, an lista nin mga artikulo sa kategoryang ini na dai nin mga ladawan, maluwas. Dangan magpasiring sa Wikimedia Commons tangani na hanapon an mga ladawan kaiba an mga titulo kan artikulo.

Pakontes sa mga ladawan

Pwede nindong makua an pig-upload na mga ladawan bilang parte kan mayor na taunan na pakontes kan Wikipedia (na may temang Aprika) igdi:

  1. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2014 - "Cuisine"
  2. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2015 - "Cultural Fashion and Adornment"
  3. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2016 - "Music and Dance"
  4. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2017 - "People at Work"
  5. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2019 - "Jogar"
  6. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2020 - "Africa on the Move"
  7. c:Category:Wiki Loves Africa 2021 - "Health and wellness"
  8. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2021
  9. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2020
  10. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2019
  11. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2018
  12. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2017
  13. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2016
  14. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2015
  15. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2014
  16. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2013
  17. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2012
  18. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2011
  19. c:Category:Wiki Loves Monuments 2010
  20. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2013
  21. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2014
  22. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2015
  23. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2016
  24. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2017
  25. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2018
  26. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2019
  27. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2020
  28. c:Category:Wiki Loves Earth 2021
  29. c:Category:Wiki Loves Heritage Belgium in 2021
  30. c:Category:Wiki Loves Heritage Belgium in 2020
  31. c:Category:Wiki Loves Heritage Belgium in 2019
  32. c:Category:Wiki Loves Heritage Belgium in 2018
  33. c:Category:Wiki Loves Public Space 2017 in Belgium
  34. c:Category:Wiki Loves Art Belgium in 2016
  35. HELP campaign
  36. European Science Photo Competition 2015
  37. Wiki Science Competition 2017
  38. Wiki Science Competition 2019

Mga Photowalk

Pwede nindo igding makua an mga pig-upload na ladawan bilang parte kan photowalk

  1. c:Category:Photowalks
  2. c:Category:Wikiexpeditions

Image donations on Commons

  1. c:Category:Biblioteca Nacional Aruba upload 2020-04
  2. c:Category:Photographs by Willem van de Poll in the Netherlands Antilles
  3. c:Category:Fotografisch materiaal voor Wiki goes Caribbean uit het Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen

Mga artikulo sa Wikipedia na nangangaipo nin mga ladawan

Sa mga kategoryang ini, gamiton an sidebar sa irarom kan Languages para sa mga link sa artikulo na kaipuhan nin mga ladawan sa saindong Wikipedia

  1. en:Category:Wikipedia requested photographs
  2. en:Category:Wikipedia requested photographs by location
  3. en:Category:Wikipedia requested images
  4. nl:Wikipedia:Verzoek om afbeeldingen
  5. nl:Categorie:Wikipedia:Afbeelding gewenst

An pahinang ini igwa nin mga kategorya kan mga pahinang kaipuhan nin ladawan. Para sa English Wikipedia, an lista kan mga pahinang ini na nakapasunod-sunod basado sa importansya/popularidad makukua gamit an WMFLabs MassViews tool igdi:MassViews Analysis.( Bayaan sanang magload nin pirang minuto huli ta dakula an listahan na ini.)

Paghanap kan mga artikulo sa Wikipedia na nangangaipo nin ladawan

Pwede kamong magkaag nin mga link sa artikulo o kategorya nin mga artikulo na nangangaipo nin ladawan sa saimong lokal na Wikipedia

Paggamit nin mga request categories

Pagsaro kan mga kategorya na gikan sa ibang gunuan nin mga datos tangani na hanapon an mga artikulo na nangangaipo nin mga ladawan

Pwede nindong pagsaruon an iba pang katangian kan mga artikulo sa saindong mga resulta kan paghanap tangani na ini magi pang interesante asin limitado.

Maghanap nin mga artikulo na igwa nin .jpg, .tiff, or .gif sa mga text

Pwede man kamo maghanap sa saindong mga Wikipedia para sa mga artikulo

Pwede man nindong baguhan an mga paghanap para sa mga espisipikong kategorya gamit an search interface

Mga Machine learning topic

Halimbawa, pwede mong pagsaruon an kategorya na "Category:No local image but image on Wikidata" sa mga urulay na naguno kan ORES Machine learning model kan urulay. Halimbawaː

Pwede mong mahanap an mga urulay para sa machine learning model. Rumdumon sana na an articletopic models mahihiling sana sa limitadong mga wiki.

Pagsaro kan Search asin Petscan

O kun kamo man interesado sa iba pang klase nin interseksyon, pwede kamo makakua nin parehong datus sa pagsasaro kan mga kategorya, Wikidata o kaya search results sa Petscan.

Suhestyon sa pagkaag nin ladawan sa mga artikulo base sa presensya sa katampad na artikulo sa ibang lenggwaheng wikipediɑ

Aka, redlist para sa mga ladawan, an paggamit kan Glamify tool.

Dakol na "red" lists an nahaman para sa Wiki Loves Africa.

Mga Tools̟


An FIST tool nakakatabang na maghanap nin mga Free Images basado sa urulay. Rumdumon sana na an mga queries na kaiba an dakul na bilang nin mga ladawan, paminsan maluway.


An WDWP sarong bagong tool na hinaman para sa WPWP asin igwa index of articles with missing images in certain languages (Dakulaon na tabang an tool na ini)

Rules on usage;

  1. Before inserting a file from wd4wp, check if it is pertinent, appropriate and of sufficient quality for the article
  2. Check if somebody else has already inserted it.
  3. Check if somebody else has inserted it previously but was reverted.
  4. Check if some other, similar or better image is already in the article
  5. In particular, do not use the first few pages of the suggestion list. By now, the first 200 or so entries contain virtually nothing but false positives – images that have been inserted in those pages multiple times by multiple participants of the contest, but have all been reverted as inappropriate.
  6. Participants who continue to blindly reinsert these risk being blocked for edit-warring.


The WDFIST tool allows to assign images to Wikdata items.

Any Wikidata item that is used in an Infobox can possibly automatically show the image, depending on the language infobox logic.

File Candidates

FileCandidates has pre-compiled lists of potential images on Commons (as well as free images on Flickr that can be transferred to Commons) for Wikidata items. A Commons image found for a Wikidata item can then be used on the corresponding Wikipedia article.


WikiShootMe shows Wikidata items, marked as with and without image, Wikipedia articles, Commons images, and others on a map. Ideal if you are physically in a location and want to see what objects around you need an image on Wikipedia and Wikidata.


Other resources

  • CC Search (free-licensed images search engine from Creative Commons)