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Financial report

Wikipedia Community Schools Association Greece

January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019

Income Expenses
Fund balance (total) January 1, 2019

a) Cach January 1, 2019 00,00 €

b) Bank January 1, 2019 20,00 €

20,00 €
1. Μembership subscriptions xx,xx € 1. Rent (office) xx,xx €
2. Donations xx,xx € 2. Third party payments (accountant) xx,xx €
3. Various expenses xx,xx €
SUM (w/o fund balance in Jan 1, 2019) xx,xx € SUM xx,xx €
New fund balance (total) December 31, 2019

a) Cach December 31, 2019 xx,xx €

b) Bank December 31, 2018 xx,xx €

xx,xx €

Membership subscriptions came from WCSAG members.

Donations came from WCSAG members.

Third party payments regard accountant expenses.

Various expenses were for office rent stamp expenses.

All activity described below was offered voluntarily, for free.

Wikipedia School (long lasting courses on Wikipedia editing) Edit

University of West Attica - Department of Archives, Librarianship and Information Systems Edit

Special Gymnasium - Lyceum of Athens Edit

4th Gymnasium of St. Dimitrios (Athens) Edit

5-month weekly courses to gymnasium students (ages: 12, 13 & 14), as an official school program run with the assistance of a visitor wikipedian. Their professor was trained in the two-month weekly Wikipedia School seminar hosted by the Ministry of Education in Athens, in 1016, run by WCSAG. The blog page presenting the student's published work was updated. Professor: Anastasios Paliouras , Wikipedian visitor: Manos Kefalas

Secondary Educators School in Pendeli (Athens) Edit

The seminar is hosted by the Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece, in its library. Program leader: Christos Nasios , Wikipedian visitor: Manos Kefalas

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4th Panhellenic Conference "Education in the 21st Century: School and Culture" Edit

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Saintfevrier -

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