Wikipedia Cocktail Project

Laff alert.svg This page contains material intended to be humorous or reflecting of aspects of the Wikipedia/Wikimedia culture. It should not be taken seriously or literally.

The Wikipedia Cocktail Project is an experiment involving the design and concept of the modern day cocktail. Its purpose is to be an ever evolving formula accessible by all who may want to contribute to its future. Like the online encyclopedia, the Wikipedia Cocktail is the cocktail that anyone can edit.


As this is the beginning of the experiment, we will begin with a fixed variable, a recipe which has already stood the test of time. We are starting with the original cocktail, the "Old Fashioned."


  • BASE SPIRIT: 2 oz Bourbon
  • SUGAR: Barspoon Gomme Syrup
  • BITTER: 2 dashes Angostura
  • ICE: Rocks
  • GARNISH: Lemon Twist

Future ModificationsEdit

By editing the formula above, many different cocktails can be created. Please use the following examples as a base reference when contributing to the project.

Current VariationEdit

  • CITRUS: Lemon
  • SUGAR: Barspoon Gomme Syrup
  • BITTER: 2 dashes Angostura
  • MODIFIER: None
  • METHOD: Stirred
  • ICE: Rocks
  • GARNISH: Lemon twist