Wikipedia Asian Month/Documentation/Organizing a Wikipedia Asian Month online event

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A Wikipedia Asian Month online event is an opportunity to do a writing focused follow-up event during Wikipedia Asian Month.


An online event often is a writing challenge to write or expand articles about a set of topics. A Wikipedia Asian Month writing event focuses on the Asian topic that are part of Wikipedia Asian Month, and eveny participants to now expand the articles, or write new ones. The concept is based on people editing and creating a large number of articles, with points being awarded for certain activities such as creating a new article, adding 1000 bites to an article or adding an image or link. The exact type of point distribution varies, and no standard exists yet.


We have long been searching for methods to tickle new contributors that enter Wikimedia through Wikipedia Asian Month into editing also articles. A writing event might be a method of doing that, while at the same time working towards the wishes of the community to have more editing related activities.


  • Define goals (what kind of outcomes are you looking for)
  • Define scope (what should people write about)
  • Define timeline (what is the best fit with other ongoing activities, to avoid a clash. How is the connection best with Wiki Loves Monuments)
  • Define challenge conditions
    • Rules
    • Point system
    • Judging
  • Figure out how to count
  • Prepare documentation for participants
  • Advertize
  • Run the contest
  • Count the points, find the winner
  • Announce the winner(s), write reports