Wikipedia 15/MassMessages/Ayudar cola llocalización del logo

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¡Ayuda a crear una marca Wikipedia 15 llocal!

The 15th birthday of Wikipedia, and the Wikimedia movement, is less than one month away! The world will celebrate with us on January 15, 2016, and we need your help making local Wikipedia 15 logos available for more cultures, regions, and languages.

You see, instead of one single Wikipedia 15 birthday mark, we've worked with Wikimedians around the world to create dozens. From the International Space Stations to Fondue (thanks Switzerland!), these simple line drawings show the HUGE range of subjects you can learn about on Wikipedia.

If you are interested in helping with localised logo creation, you can find more information on Meta-Wiki.

Thank you in advance for your help!

-L'equipu de Comunicación de la Fundación Wikimedia

PS. Pidimos disculpes por unviar esto sólo n'inglés. Please help translate to your language.