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There have long been plans to develop a print edition of Wikipedia, and to distribute it to parts of the world with poor internet connectivity. There have also been various plans to implement content review, to produce a filtered snapshot of the encyclopedia.


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Feature suggestionsEdit

Proposed features of a "Wikipedia 1.0" :

  • content-review
    • removal of stubs, confusing/unfinished articles
  • content filtering
    • selection of a subset of our half-million articles
    • removal of content not suitable for all audiences
  • offline
    • suitable for users without a good internet connection
    • CD/DVD editions (cf. the German and French/English efforts to produce snapshots in 2004)
    • Print editions (an initial ~400pg? softcover, perhaps distributed via roomtoread or similar groups)


There is interest in distributing print copies of WP 1.0 to rural areas, and to schools with outdated textbooks and encyclopedias. There may also be interest in such a print edition among people who have access to the website.

See also other printing initiatives, including Wikijunior and Wikireaders


For a list of interested participants, see the Wikipedia 1.0 projects on individual language wikipedias : de, en, es, fr, pl, ru, ja, ...

External LinksEdit

  • Room to Read, a non-profit that distributes books in bulk (particularly English-language books) to schools all over the world.