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Welcome to Wikimedia Croatia, a proposed chapter of Wikimedia in Croatia

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Privremene web stranice udruge Wikimedija Hrvatske

Short history for curiousEdit

  • First ideas about chapter were tossed around almost 2 years ago (end of 2005, start of 2006), but that was only an idea of few (3-4) admins who had lot of plans, but no time to realize it
  • A year ago (December 2006) lot of people started talking, circular mail went to world, and some 25 people showed interest for chapter
  • September - October 2007 - writing bylaws
  • After some serious thinking, arose ideas for chapter address, location, web, purpose ;-) so on 1st of December 2007 in Zagreb was public proofing of bylaws v1.0
  • On December 12th 2007 v2.0 of bylaws saw light of the day
  • Formally established under Croatian law on January 17, 2009, with over 20 members. Awaiting board approval.
  • Chapter had only one meeting, and after that there was no other meetings or actions. According to bylaws chapter therefore is not existing any more.