Wikimedians of the Uzbek language User Group/Reports/2020-2021

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This is the first annual report for the Wikimedians of the Uzbek language User Group. It details activities from 15 December 2020 (the date when the user group was established) to 31 December 2021.



Throughout 2021, members of the user group focused on recruiting new contributors by developing tutorials and conducting online and offline lessons. In particular, the the group established its own YouTube channel and recorded the first video lesson in Uzbek explaining how to contribute to projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. Additionally, throughout the year user group members answered hundreds of questions of new and experienced users and provided general support to them in the Telegram group of the Uzbek Wikipedia.

Reports in local mediaEdit

In 2021, the following articles about the activities of the user group were published in local media outlets:

Membership and futureEdit

The user group continues to have around 10 members and approximately 20 registered overall. Looking into the year 2022 and beyond, the Wikimedians of the Uzbek language User Group is looking to involve more of its members in coordinating events. More broadly, we look to contribute to Movement Strategy discussions, particularly those spearheaded by the Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network.