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In recognition of Earth Day 2020 Wikimedians of the Caribbean is hosting a week-long online editathon from April 20–27 focused on our changing landscapes and critical conversations in the brave new world of climate change and COVID-19 with a focus on the Caribbean.

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The Caribbean
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  • Tuesday April 21: Pick your article, identify some changes you'd like to make, collect some reliable sources. Or maybe you'd rather upload images to Commons (make sure they're your own work) or edit Wikidata.
  • Wednesday April 22: Earth Day 2020 - get started on your edits!

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  • Unitl Monday April 27: Keep working, Look at what others are up to using the Wiki Cari Dashboard or share on social media using the hashtag #WikiCariEarthWeek

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  • Monday April 27: Look out for the wrap-up announcement on this page and @WikiCari on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube!

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Thank you for your contribution to the first Wiki Caribbean Earth Week!

How to edit


First you need to create a Wikipedia account

  1. Get your account/ create a username: Please don’t use your real name. It should be 6-8 characters. If you need help, please ask a Wikimedia coach

How to Edit Wikipedia

  1. Head here for the basics. Head here for a simplified tutorial.
  2. Browse Editing Ideas below and choose a topic to edit (or if you already have one skip to the next step)
  3. Edit: in short - (1) click edit (2) add a sentence (3) provide a citation (4) repeat

You can also click here for a Youtube video tutorial from AfroCROWD!

How to Edit Wiki Commons


Click here for a Youtube video tutorial from AfroCRWD on how to add images to Wikimedia Commons!

Agregando Imagenes a Wikimedia Commons

How to make a citation (bibliographical reference):


1) First, click on the pencil icon on the right to begin using "Visual Editor". Visual editor makes editing easier - like writing a school paper.

2) In Visual Editor, click on the area you want to add the citation. Then click cite. If you have a website as a source, add the website to the blank area.

If you do not have a website source, click manual and follow the prompts. Then click publish. If you have questions, ask a Wikimedia coach or go to Wikipedia:Tutorial/Citing sources. Also: AfroCROWD en Español: Agregando Citas

3) Then click publish.

Suggested articles to Explore/ Ideas


Please remember to:

  1. Cite all information you add
  2. Always add information in your own voice



Example of Page


Categorical list of Corona Virus information and the Caribbean


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