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This is chronological overview of founding and working of Wikimedia Slovenská republika.

Timetable Wikimedia SlovakiaEdit


January 2011Edit

  • discussion on the topic of founding Wikimedia Slovakia
  • submission to rename and change the mission of the existing association known as SOIT to Wikimedia Slovakia. After discussion at an editors meeting in May 2011 this was disallowed as inapplicable.

February 2011Edit

  • registration of the domain by editor Rudko

March 2011 / April 2011Edit

  • discussion through Skype with the Austrian editors (functions of Wikimedia Austria in supplying the Slovak community, stipends for Wikimania 2011)
  • busy discussion of the topic of founding Wikimedia Slovakia in the Slovak Wikipedia community section Wikipolitics
  • editors Nelliette and Wizzard promoted the initialisation of the founding plans by posting their names on list of interested Wikipedians
  • arranging contacts (e-mail, Skype, tel.) to key persons of existing Wikimedias in the neigbourhood (WMCZ, WMAT, WMDE) and to the supported editors
  • discussion with the president of WMCZ
  • discussion with Austrian editors supporting the founding project
  • adding contacts, short international discussions
  • discussion about founding financial support for Wikimedia Slovakia by WMDE and WMAT

May 2011Edit

  • official statement of support for founding costs 50% WMAT / 50% WMDE
  • first consultation of lawyer (specialist of founding associations)
  • international meeting of editors in Bratislava with the main theme of founding Wikimania Slovakia
  • decision to exclusively discuss the founding on the Slovak Wikipedia community panel (transparency)
  • discussion about the address and cloud computing archival system

July 2011Edit

  • discussion about Foundation conference Vienna

August 2011Edit

  • editor Rudko participated in Wikimania 2011, also in pre-Wikimania chapter meetings

September 2011Edit

  • finalization of the by-laws

October 2011Edit

  • control reading of by-laws through chapter committee (in progress)
  • translating by-laws into English (in progress)
  • preparing official founding meeting, end of November

December 2011Edit

  • finished by-laws
  • official founding by three members
  • sent it to Slovak Justice Ministry for approval
  • 16 December 2011 — official letter from Ministry of Justice corporate registry that confirmed the founding of Wikimedia Slovakia


March 2012Edit

  • 9 March 2012 — First general assembly with elections to presidium and audit committee

September 2012Edit


  • The board (Radoslava Semanová as Vice-chair, Matej Grochal as a Board member) announced the next Generally Assembly for 9 March 2019 but haven't fullfiled some of the necessary requirements of bylaws (haven't informed the members by email and by the website about the Assembly; the only channels used was the organisation's mailing list, Wikipedia and Facebook page - none of them is required, nor accepted by bylaws). An announcement through the website was missing after the previous chair Michal Matúšov left his position and the then-board haven't managed to get access to the website in time. Later, Semanová informed about post-deadline "fulfillment" of 1 of 2 non-fulfilled requirements. Despite this acknowledgement of non-fulfillment of bylaw's requirements, the Board was presenting the meeting as a valid AGM (with on-spot cancellation and followed by a non-AGM meeting) for about a year. The board have had the time and possibilities to announce a new, valid Generally Assembly but have not done so. The bylaws was violated in 2 ways:
    1. declaration of Generally Assembly without fulfilling the requirements (and without "higher purpose");
    2. not helding Generally Assembly within three months of the start of the year.
  • On 9 March 2019, people from Wikimedians of Slovakia met for the self-declared "AGM" (which haven't fulfilled the necessary requirements to be a AGM). Later they was informing (up until early 2020) that the meeting was a regular AGM, also with the minutes declaring it to be AGM, despite no evidence of fulfillment of bylaws was publicly shared. The Board presented the situation as not enough members came and thus the AGM was closed and the meeting continued as a working meeting rather than an AGM. This was explained after the meeting and was reflected in the minutes from the self-declared "AGM". This explanation from the Board have not respected the fact, that AGM must be called in the first place in order to cancel it, which it wasn't because of non-fulfillment of the requirements. The Board haven't explained why in their presented version the so called "AGM" was closed, rather than continuing as a non-quorum AGM.
  • CEE Spring 2019, the third edition of the popular competition, was organized by WMSK. 16 editors took part, contributing a total of 170 articles.
  • In April, another AGM was called for 4 May 2019. A new board was elected there with some members of the former board re-elected.
  • On 28 September the organisation held an Extraordinary Generally Assembly. During it, the Vice-chair Radoslava Semanová vehemently acknowledged that she have violated the bylaws on the beginning of the year. According to her, the reason was the failure of the previous chair, Michal Matúšov, to enable access to some of the communication channels. She haven't acknowledged, that the previous chair, Michal Matúšov, in fact have provided full access to the required communication channels months before his resignation (but the rest of the Board haven't finished their part of accepting it); nor that the Board have had many possibilities to have the required access but haven't used them. Semanová has not apologized (neither privately during the Generally Assembly, nor publicly). The minutes from the AGM was (as of January 2021) never published, nor Semanová publicly acknowledged her bylaw violation, so the information that she understand her fault (and so can learn from it) is for public only second-hand, so unofficial and unconfirmed. Grochal, which (as a Board member) had the same decision responsibility for calling AGM (the responsibility for calling an AGM was on the Board as an collective organ), during the AGM haven't acknowledged his part in the bylaw violation. The AGM was attended by the whole Board, Audit Committee and Michal Matúšov. Michal Matúšov presented his complaints to the AGM and solutions were discussed, many of them had already been implemented. Chair Grochal proposed to Matúšov to make a mutual declaration about issues in WMSVK which would serve as an apology, but it was (as of January 2021) never published as Grochal haven't contributed any text to it, so Matúšov couldn't continue.
  • After months of private communication, the Audit Committee (Patrik Kunec as a Chair of the Audit Committee, Lukáš Mikulec as an Audit Committee member) officially made a final decision to intentionally disobey their bylaw's control function and not to examine the bylaw violation by board from beginning of the same year. The reason stated was that it (double bylaw violation done by Board) is a trivial affair.
  • In November, the second edition of the Wiki Asian Month 2019 competition took place, organized by WMSK. 10 participants created 43 articles on various Asian topics.
  • In December the Board announced the next General Assembly for 1 February 2020. One Board member publicly alluded possibility to officially change protocols from the year, suggesting the Board is willing to correct the information about Generally Assemblies held and not held in 2019.


  • During the Meeting of the Generally Assembly on 1 February 2020 the Generally Assembly accepted the Annual Report for 2019. In the report, there was no mention of the meeting in March 2019 to be called "AGM", despite year-long declarations of such status. This continued the unclear communication from the Board, like in March 2019 presenting "cancelation of the AGM" on Slovak Wikipedia while still presenting it as a AGM on the website. The organisation from their own initiative have not explicitly informed about their current opinion on the status of the disputed meeting, nor apologized in any of the channels used previously to spread the false information.
  • During the spring the fourth edition, CEE Spring 2020, of the popular competition CEE Spring was organized by WMSK. 11 editors took part, contributing a total of 140 articles in two categories.
  • On 18 June, Matej Grochal (Chair) acknowledged, that on beginning of 2019, he and Semanová violated the bylaw but in the same time he put the responsibility on the previous Chair, Michal Matúšov. Again, he haven't recognized, that the Board have had all the external necessities to call a valid AGM to fully fulfill the bylaws (the only reason why the Board could not call a valid AGM was inside of their heads). Grochal have apologized for "his part of the non-ideality" (not explicitly naming it bylaw violation).
  • On 22 June, Patrik Kunec, chair of the Audit Committee restated its position that the Audit Committee had examined the situation, is in touch with the (executive) Board and are developing measures to improve performance. He also pointed out to the December 2019 call of an AGM for 2020 and closed by stating that "Due to the fact that history can not be changed and that it is not productive to keep coming back to this non-essential and unintentional mistake, we will not waste more time with this."
  • 1 October to 30 October, the eight edition of the Wiki Loves Monuments competition was organized by WMSK. 1092 photographs were uploaded.
  • 2 November, WMSK started the third edition of the Wiki Asian Month on
  • 7 November, the first WikiGap event on was held online, organized by WMSK. 11 articles were created with 5 new editors participating. WMSK would like to thank the Swedish Embassy in Slovakia and Aspekt, a feminist NGO for being partners on this project.


Participating in the founding process discussions were editors Radiológ, Bubamara, Teslaton, Bronto, Peko, Nelliette, KuboF, Wizzard, K@rl, Hubertl, Beppol, Juan de V, DannyB, Rios, and Rudko, as well as outside well-wishers.

Editors Radiológ, Bubamara, Jonesy, Egg and Teslaton participated in the discussion, though in opposition to the founding of an organization at the time.

The official founders that signed the by-laws of incorporation and activated the official process of founding were Nelliette, KuboF and Rudko - all Slovak Wikipedians.

Editor Nelliette resigned before the first general assembly. As of September 2012 there are 3 active participants (presidium) with active support of some more members and some members of the Slovak wiki community.

Old version of Meta pageEdit

The idea for Wikimedia Slovenská republika ("Wikimedia Slovakia") was born in winter 2010-11, initiated by some Austrian and Czech editors while visiting Slovakia and participating in some meetings of Slovak editors. After long discussions in the community through the discussion platforms on the Wikipedia project, a small group of editors started the founding process in Slovakia. Indeed, some Slovak Wikipedia editors were not very happy about the founding idea but did not really have strong arguments for stopping the process. The few arguments centred on whether such a group was even necessary, whether there were enough people available, and whether the leadership would be transparently elected. After the first meeting in May 2011 some editors changed their minds and took a neutral position on the issue of founding the organization.

The main instigator of the founding process was the german-based slovak editor Rudko. The editor Nelliette is in real life a bookkeeper and was very interested to participate in the founding process. Editor KuboF is a young student, active on the Esperanto Wikipedia and he is one of the co-founders of the Slovak organization. There are other supporters of this project too. For example, some very active editors hail from Austria (more than 200 000 edits). There are also members of Wikimedia Österreich (WMAT), editors and members of Wikimedia Czech Republic (WMCZ) and Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE).

At the Haifa Wikimania 2011 editor Rudko discussed intensively the founding idea with other editors and members of Wikimedias from Switzerland, Georgia, Ukraine and Poland, as well as other interested persons. His idea of planning a timetable to meet quarterly with slovak and other interested editors was accepted. In the intervening three months between meetings there would be time to lead discussions and speak with the community about their wishes.

The Slovak corporate by-laws, based on the versions of WMAT and WMCZ, were passed with the assistance of a specialist lawyer. The official founding meeting was on 2 December 2011. A fortnight later (16 December 2011) the Justice ministry in Slovakia confirmed the founding of the organization as the by-laws passed at first reading.

The next steps for Wikimedia Slovakia are to begin some practical projects and to make contact with other organizations in Slovakia, as well as similar Wikimedia chapters in other countries, interest groups and user groups.