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Reports on Public Outreach Programme on the ocassion of 32nd AISWA Conference, BhubaneswarEdit

We concluded the the two days Public Outreach Programme held at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar on the ocassion of 32nd AISWA Conference on 23-24 November 2019.The objective of the programme was to maximise awareness reagarding santali wikipedia among educated wtiters mass of the santali community and draw the attention of the writers for contribution in santali wikipedia. In two days event we had set the stall. More than 200 vistiors had visited the stall which includes the eminent santali poet and writers of santali language.We demonstrated the process to contribute in wikipedia to all the visitors in different phase. In two days there were 15-20 phase of demosntration. We project 4-5 new contributors will come out from this event. Murmu Mangat Laxman Kisku are the nuw user and out come from this programme and has started contributing santali Wikipeida.Some of the user have also been reactivated after this event. We have noted the name and contacts of the visitors who have apparently shown special interest during presentation. We will keep following with these people and look after their issues and problems. Santali Wikipedian Maina Tudu R Ashwani Banjan Murmu Ramjit Tudu and Fagu Baskey were present in the programme. The Honourable Member of Parliament (Jhargram) Shri Kunar Hembram , Honourable Minister of Revenue and Disaster Management Govt of Odisha Shri Sudam Marndi were among the eminent personalities who visited our stall.