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First Wikimedians of North India Meet was held on 28 Jan.2017 at Citco restaurant sector 34 Chandigarh.It was one to one meeting of two experienced Wikimedians residing in Chandigarh with user names Harvinder Chandigarh and Anamdas.Earliar both of these Wikimedians had been interacting informally with each other about the concern of the Wikipedia movement especially in the Northen region of India.It was a formal meeting to give final shape to this idea.Many other Wikimedians of the region have shown desire to them to contribute for the promotion of the movement if some concrete plan and organised efforts are made in this direction.Therefore it was decided:

  • To form a group of Wikimedians to focus the activities in North India.It was decided initially to name this group as "Wikimedian of North India".
  • More organised efforts should be made to Promote languages of North India.
  • Various language communities should be encouraged to form language specific groups to promote content in their respective languages.This regional group may work as umbrella and help language group.
  • It was decided to form a User group of Hindi with immediate effect.Although Hindi is the fourth most spoken language of the world and major language of North India yet it lack a User group.
  • Efforts should be made to help and promote less developed Wikipedias/languages of the North region.
  • Immediate attention should be given to endangered, less represented languages and dialects of the North region.
  • It was also decided that advantage Chandigarh of being the multilingual city should be utilised for developing multilingual and multidimensional activities of the movement.

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