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Hindi Wikipedia Conference 2018 is an event to be organised by Hindi Wikimedians in the National Capital of Delhi,India.As one of the major objective of the Wikimedians of North India is to operate as an umbrella organisation to support and supplement those Wiki communities/languages in North India which are yet not developed to the extent to the number of their speakers.Hindi language also fall in this categeory.It is world's 4th most spoken language with Around 258 million (258,000,000) speakers in India.But it has less than 50 active editors only.To promote the Hindi Wikipedia there is a need for more offline activities such as meet-ups and conferences especially in Northen belt of India where Hindi language speakers are more concentrated.In view of these facts Wikimedians of North India is collaborating and supporting in organising Hindi Wikipedia Conference 2018 to be held in January 2018.Further detais of the conference may be seen on the following links here[1][2].Many of the Wikimedians such as Raju Jangid ,Harvinder Chandigarh,Anamdas,Jayprakash are common to both Hindi Wikimedians User Group and Wikimedians of North India who are collaborating and supporting to organise this event.

Objective edit

  • To strengthen the Wikipedia movement in North India especially for potential but less developed communities.
  • To strengthen the Hindi Wikipedia movement.
  • To chalk out future roadmap of Hindi Wikimedians User Group.
  • To examine limitations and find out their possible solution in the context of the development of the movement.

Expected outcome edit

  • Increse in number of editors in Hindi wikipedia.
  • Finalisation of future strategy for development of Hindi Wikimedians User group and Wikipedia .
  • Awareness generation especially through press coverage of the movement.

Co-ordinator edit

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