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Cultural Heritage Mapping-2017 is an event organised by Wikimedians of North India to create an authentic and comprehensive cultural database of various parts of India with the main focus on North India.

Objectives edit

  • To identify and document the cultural resources or assets of the community through taking and uploading photographs on Commons.
  • To preserve the cultural heritage the community.
  • To digitally preserve and document various vanishing and engendered cultural heritage and assets .
  • To document monuments included in the "list National and State importance monuments".
  • To preserve monuments not included in the "list National and State importance monuments" but otherwise important locally.
  • To enrich the existing content by adding images to it.
  • To create new content on the basis of these images.

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Outcome edit

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Delhi edit

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Rajstahan edit

Please see Wikimedians of North India /Meetups/Events/Cultural Heritage Mapping Jaipur,Rajasthan-2017

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