Wikimedians of North India/Meetups/Cultural and Natural Heritage Mapping of Ladakh, India - Sept. 2021

Cultural and Natural Heritage Mapping of Ladakh, India - Sept. 2021 is an event organised by Harvinder Chandigarh, the founder member of the User Group Wikimedians of North India, to document the Cultural and Heritage of Ladakh (UT) area of India. Ladakh is the highest plateau in India with over 3,000 m (9,800 ft).

Proposal and objectivesEdit

  • To digitally document and preserve Cultural Heritage of Ladakh by uploading images on Wikipedia Commons.
  • uploading photographs of the Monuments in the list which presently lack it.
  • uploading better quality photographs of monuments which presently have poor quality photographs.
  • To create new content on Wikipedia related to this area.
  • To enrich the existing content on Wikipedia by adding relevant images to it.
  • To create awareness about Wikipedia in the the local community.

Reference periodEdit

6 Sept. 2021 to 12th Sept. 2021


Cultural HeritageEdit

The Shey MonasteryEdit

Thikse Monastery, LadakhEdit

Natural HeritageEdit

Existing content enrichmentEdit