Wikimedians of North India/Meetups/Cultural Heritage Mapping of Ajnala area-2019

Cultural Heritage Mapping of Ajnala area-2019 is an event organised by Harvinder Chandigarh , the founder member of the User Group Wikimedians of North India to cover the heritage sites of the remote but historically important Ajnala town of Amrtitsar district of Punjab, India.


  • To take images of historically and culturally important sites and upload on Commons.
  • To create new content on Wikipedia.
  • To enrich the existing content on Wikipedia by adding relevant images to it .
  • To create awareness about Wikipedia in the the local community.

Reference periodEdit

The visit was conducted on 21st and 22nd May 2019.


Heritage sitesEdit

Old Tehsil, AjnalaEdit

Shaheedan da KhuEdit

Existing content enrichmentEdit

Creation of new contentEdit