Wikimedians of North India/Events/Covering Punjabi Language Writers-2017

Covering Punjabi Language Writers-2017 is an event organised by Wikimedians of North India with the purpose of creating and increasing multilingual content about writers of Punjabi language.Punjabi language writers belongs primarily to Punjab (region) consisting of geographical and cultural region in the northern part of South Asia, comprising areas of eastern Pakistan and northern India.In addition to it a large number of Punjabi writers are spread over in many other countries of the world ,known as Punjabi diaspora.Punjabi language is the 10th most spoken language of the world.


  • To Create new multilingual content in the form of Wikipedia pages about Punjabi language writers.
  • To enhance existing and already available content about Punjabi language writers and making it available in more languages.
  • To make value addition to the content through adding images and other related matter.
  • To document and preserve the content related to the Punjabi language writers and their writings.


  • Priority to cover and document the senior most Punjabi language writers.
  • Priority to cover and document decaying and vanishing content related to Punjabi language writers.

Event co ordinatorsEdit


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