Wikimedians of Nepal/Wiki-a-thon 2016

Nepali Wikipedia Wiki-a-thon 2016
Wiki-a-thon 2016
Logo of Wiki-a-thon, 2016
BeginsOctober 1, 2016
EndsNovember 6, 2016
CoordinatorKrish Dulal
Nirmal Dulal
Most recent2015
Previous eventWiki-a-thon-2015
ParticipantsAll the Nepali Wikipedians
Patron(s)Saroj Kumar Dhakal

Wiki-a-thon 2016 is an in-house edit-a-thon competition organize by Wikimedians of Nepal during the biggest festival of Nepal Dashain Tihar and Chhath to acquire the youth participation in the creative works rather than gambling and bad practices.


  • 2500+ valid edits and 69 new articles were created by 20 participants during the competition
  • Rise of new active users

Program Coordinator


Curator & Coordinator:

  • Krish Dulal
  • Nirmal Dulal

Winners and Participants


The winners in this Edit-a-thon are :

  1. राजा उप्रेती (1190 Edits)
  2. Belbasesuraj (875 Edits)
  3. श्रेष्ठ भूपेन्द्र (596 Edits)

Award Ceremony

  • Prizes: NPR 1000 (for Highest Contributor), T-shirt (for Second and Third Contributors)
  • Event Venue: Masala Cotage, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Project Page

Nepali Wikipedia