Wikimedians of Nepal/Open Community Collaboration

In the recent past, Nepal has seen an encouraging evolution of open development ecosystem. Stated with a few small group of like minded people, it has now evolved into various specilised community of practices. Thus it becomes an necessity that the positive initiatives of these communities are harmonized and collectively harvested. Thus, the concept of Open Community Collaboration Consortium would be an ideal status to thrive for. It would be a place for meeting of various open communities of practice including Wikimedia Nepal among others.

Who is involved?


Some open communities are working together to meet the common goals of making life simple by open knowledge and open tools. Wikimedia Nepal is a part of this collaboration. The following are some communities in this collaborative.

  • Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Nepal Community
  • Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal
  • Mozilla Nepal
  • Open Learning Exchange Nepal
  • Wikimedia Nepal


  • Collaborate in achieving common objectives.
  • Bring positive change and making life simple in the society by open knowledge and open tools.


  • Organizing, participating and supporting events, discussions, campaigns etc. to expand the knowledge about open technologies and open knowledge.

Action Plan for year 2014

  • Draft Short and long term actions and Documentate/Declaration of OC3 by a action team of representatives of all concerned communities.