Wikimedians of Nepal/Enhancing digital skills using Wikimedia Art + Feminism

Virtual Workshop on enhancing digital skill using Wikimedia Art +Feminism part 2

Workshop Overview Edit

Virtual Workshop on enhancing digital skills using "Wikimedia Art + Feminism" is a Wikimedia Education program enroll new users to Wikimedia projects this workshop objective to enhance digital skills of participants and contribute to Wikimedia projects. In this workshop, more than 50% of participants are female from different undergraduate and graduate students.

Team Edit

Picture User Wikimedia Username Role
  Nawaraj Ghimire Nawaraj Ghimire Program Coordinator
File:Parshuram Parshuram Sharma Program Facilitator

Method of Workshop Edit

Two days Virtual Workshop using MS teams to provide too familiar to Wikimedia environment, achieve digital skills, Edit Wikipedia article,

Program Details Edit

Date Time Topic Facilitator
Day – I
10/10/2020 11:00-11:15 Registration Facilitator
11:15-11:45 Introduction with participants Facilitator
11.45-12:00 Importance of Digital Skills in 21 Century Rom Kant Pandey
Tribhuvan University
12:00-12:15 Break
02:15-12:30 Wikimedia for education  Sailesh Patnaik
Wikimedia Education Program Coordinator
12:30-12:45 Code of Conduct Parshuram Sharma
12:45-1:30 Installation of local language software packages and account opening Parshuram Sharma /Nawaraj Ghimire
01:30-01:45 How does Wikipedia work? Nawaraj Ghimire
01:45-02:45 Workshop 
Login/ Profile creation Use Sandbox
Search article
Article Components 
 Create an article
Nawaraj Ghimire/Parshuram Sahrma
02:45-03:00 Review of the workshop From Participants
Day – II
11/10/2020 11:00-11:15 Registration
11:15-11:30 Art and Feminism  Brainstorming   Medhavi Gandhi
 A+F Ambassador 
11:30-01:00 Edit-A-Thon Art and Feminism    Nawaraj Ghimire
01:00-01:15 Break
01:15-02:45 Edit-A-Thon Art and Feminism    Parshuram Sharma
02:45-03:00 Review of the workshop From Participants

Target Wiki Projects Edit


Participants Edit

Out of 107 registered participants 71 participants(72.9% female and 27.1% male) in Day-I and 39 participants(64.1% female and 35.9% male) in Day-II from different colleges (Sanothimi Campus, Mahendra Ratna Campus ...).

User list Edit

List of New user create during the workshop

Outcomes Edit

Overall summary outcomes virtual workshop
[Program and event Dashboard]

  1. 71 participants were familiar with the Wiki environment.
  2. 36 New editors create a user account and start editing.
  3. 3 Articles Created during the workshop.
  4. 17 Articles Edited during the workshop.
  5. 184 Total Edits
  6. Enhance Nepali spirit environments and typing skills of participants.

Gallery Edit