Wikimedians of Jordan User Group

Wikimedians in Jordan is a group of Wikimedians in Jordan and Palestine seeking to establish a Wikimedia User Group.

Our Mission edit

  1. To aid and encourage people to collect, develop and disseminate knowledge and other educational, cultural and historic content in the public domain or under a license that allows everyone to freely use, distribute and modify said content without the payment of royalties.
  2. To collaborate with public and private Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums in making their holdings more broadly and freely available to those interested in an effort to preserve the heritage of Jordan and Middle East.
  3. To make use of, encourage the use of, and instruct people in the use of free and open source information resources; either electronic or printed for the advancement of education.
  4. To encourage the development and release of these materials in the Arabic, English and French languages.

Objectives edit

  1. Promote Wikimedia projects so that new people can benefit from its existence, as well as new employees from different fields, be they academics, scientists, students, schools, libraries, etc..
  2. Promote or negotiate partnerships to enhance the projects are the benefits in monetary or moral terms, as the transfer of content under a free license.
  3. Help organizations outside of Wikimedia movement to use its contents, regardless of the benefit these organizations to obtain.(e.g. local historians, DVD's contents with Wikimedia ...)
  4. Organizing events and local and national initiatives. (e.g. participating in trade shows, create groups of Wikipedia, giving lectures, etc.)
  5. Charge of public relations in the country; give the press an interlocutor in their own language and culture.
  6. Promote free content and Wiki culture in Jordan.
  7. Establish and maintain relationships and exchanges with other public and private national and foreign entities, especially the Arabic-speaking countries and Arabic communities abroad.

Our Proposed Projects edit

  • Jordanian Library
  • Historical and Cultural Heritage in Jordan & Palestine
  • Technology
  • Education
  • National Archives
  • Research
  • Training

Contact edit

Dr. Shadi Aljawarneh,

Members edit

Dr. Shadi Aljawarneh - user name: shadi.jawarneh
Mustafa Almomani - user name: mustfanoo1992
Dr. Emad Kayyam - user name: EMAD KAYYAM
Maisa Khudair - user name: Maisa_Khudair
Abbad Diraneyya - user name: abbaddiraneyya
Issa Mahasneh - user name: isssamahasenh
Belal Sadaaa - user name: belalsadaaa
Mr. Saher Alkhouri - user name : skhouri
Mr. Bisher Qassis - user name: bqassis
Mr. Wael Radwan - user name: Waelradwan777
Dalal abu Maiz - user name: dalal abumaiz
Ismail - user name: ismail1995.AH
Amjad - user name: amjadw1984
Inas Farajat - user name:anasfarajat
Yousef Mahmoud - user name:yousef122
Noor Waild - user name: noor.walid
Samah Naserallah - user name:naserallahs
Eman Weswas - user name:Emanwasas
Omar isbaitan
Luna Alale
Dr. yaser khamayseh
Dr. Muneer Bani Yasin
Dr. Sofyan Hayajneh
Dr. Taiseer Rawashdeh
Dr. Thamer Rousan
Dr. Abdallah Al-Tahan Al-Nu'aimi
Hasan Odeh
Tala Shukfah
Enas Essa
Dr. Amin Azzam
Dr. Mona Nasr
Dr. Bilal Hawashin
Dr. Bassam Al-Shargabi
Noor Maher
Dr. Hassan Rashideh
Eng. Mona Momani
Dr. Ashraf Samarah
Ansam M. Abu-Dalo