Wikimedians of Central India

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Wikimedians of Central IndiaEdit

Wikimedians of Central India is an informal group of Wikimedians who work on various wiki projects related to Wikipedia, Wikiversity, Wikibooks and GLAM. Hindi Wikimedians are dedicated to activities for the Wikimedia (Free Knowledge) movement in central India. However, the group is neither responsible nor liable for the content on these Wikimedia Projects.


This group, which is non-language specific, seeks to form a core venue to take forward the activities like photo walks, edit-a-thons, outreach programs, lectures, work for tie-ups with various government/private institutions for the propagation of Wikimedia projects to the grassroots level, which has been undertaken by various members mostly in the form of individual activities. This group also seeks to organize at one place, all reports of such kind of initiatives.

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