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Ongoing collaborations


Bulgarian Archives State Agency


Link to the Information System of BASA:

Archives Challenge


Sofia Zoo


Collaboration between Bulgarian Wikipedians and Sofia Zoo, resulting in:

  • Creation and installment of new information plates for the exhibited biological species, containing short texts and illustrative content like photos and species distribution maps from Wikimedia, and multilingual QR codes to the full Wikipedia articles, as generated with QRPedia.
  • Contributions to the Bulgarian version of Wikipedia with the creation and improvement of the articles about the exhibited biological species (about 180-200).
Sofia Zoo Powered by Wikimedia (completed)
Sofia Zoo Powered by Wikimedia/Report
  • This project was the first ever WMF funded project in Bulgaria (2012). Since the beneficiary was the Zoo itself (no user group back then), the local team had to find ~30% co-funding from other sources, and this was completely provided by one of the local Wikimedians.
  • Also, this was the first ever GLAM project with a Zoo. The idea has disseminated and there is at least one more similar Wikimedia/Zoo collaboration: Shared Knowledge/Projects/Skopje Zoo (2015) - direct spin-off of Bulgarian project
  • After the end of the funded project, the collaboration hasn't finished, and is now expressed in:
    • Zoo has continued updating the information plates when new species come for exhibition, respectively corresponding articles in Wikipedia have been also created.
    • A representative of the Zoo has been invited to the national jury panel of Wiki Loves Earth in 2016, and invited twice to the international jury panels of the Wiki Loves Earth in 2015 and 2016.
    • A spin-off collaboration with the Balkani Wildlife Society.
    • There is a commitment from the Zoo to start uploading their pictures and audio/video files.

Balkani Wildlife Society


Philippopolis Numismatic Society

c:Commons:Philippopolis Numismatic Society. The "Philippopolis" Numismatic Society, located in Plovdiv provides photos of coins minted in ancient Roman times when the settlement was called Philippopolis.

Collaborations in development


National Polytechnic Museum, Sofia

  • Invited Spiritia and Ilikeliljon to take part in the "Volunteers in Bulgarian Museums" conference (6-7 April 2016).

National Museum of Natural History, Sofia

Exhibition of the winning photos in WLE 2016 Bulgaria
  • Hosts of the "Wiki Loves Earth 2016 Bulgaria" Awards ceremony. Also, hosted for 1 month (1 October - 1 November 2016) the exhibition of the winning photos from the national stage of WLE.
  • Interested in future collaborations like lecture on contributing to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons in front of the staff of the Museum and of the associated Institute of Zoology.

Plovdiv Museum of Natural History

  • January 2016: Meeting of Stellentina, Spiritia, Спасимир and VladislavNedelev with the deputy director of the Museum. Commitment for QR-codes in the exhibition hall with the Vertebrae. As of February 2017, there is still a declared interest from the Museum.

Participation in international initiatives


Europeana 280

Wikidata:Europeana Art History Challenge/Bulgaria

Europeana 1914-1918

Europeana/1914-18/Wikimedians of Bulgaria



GLAM Conference representatives


Lectures and presentations

Year Event Speaker Title Language Link
2014 WMCEE Meeting, December 2014, Kiev Vassia Atanassova GLAM @ Bulgaria: An overview of two successful GLAM projects in Bulgaria (2011–2014) EN Commons
2015 EZE Conference 2015 Lisbon Katerina Zareva Sofia Zoo Powered by Wikimedia EN Slideshare
2016 National meeting "Volunteers in Bulgarian Museums", Sofia, 7–8 April 2016 Vassia Atanassova Successful practices of collaboration between Wikipedia and cultural institutions (Успешни практики на сътрудничество между Уикипедия и културните институции) BG Commons
2016 Interdisciplinary PhD Forum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 6-7 April 2016 Vassia Atanassova Wikipedia in Science – Whether, When and How? (Уикипедия в науката – дали, кога и как?) BG Commons w/o fairuse
Slideshare w/ fairuse

GLAM Newsletter

  • 2016, October: Valuable photos of factories in Bulgaria dating back to 1912
  • 2016, April: Wikipedians participated in the first National Meeting "Volunteers in Bulgarian Museums"
  • 2015, December: The Archives Challenge resulted in more than 100 new articles in different languages | More than 100 ancient coins from Philippopolis donated to Commons
  • 2012, April: Bulgarian Archives State Agency | Sofia Zoo
  • 2012, March: The first GLAM collaboration in Bulgaria: Archives State Agency | Първо GLAM сътрудничество в България: Държавна агенция "Архиви"

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