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Wikimedians of Arusha User Group
Location Tanzania
Country codeTZ
Official language(s)Swahili , English
An editathon in Arusha
An editathon in Arusha
1lib1ref editathon in Arusha


Wikimedia Arusha also legally registered as an NGO in Tanzania with the name Open Knowledge Tanzania is a group of Wikimedians who are contributing to Wikimedia projects in Tanzania.


A world where open knowledge is accessible, inclusive, and used to benefit all


To foster a vibrant and sustainable community of contributors who create and share high-quality knowledge on the free knowledge ecosystem especially Wikimedia projects, with a focus on underrepresented content.


  • Expand content coverage: Increase the coverage of high-quality, underrepresented content on Wikimedia projects through events, initiatives, partnerships, awareness raising, and impact tracking.
  • Grow and engage the community: Provide opportunities for members to participate in meaningful activities and events, seek collaborations with other groups, encourage leadership, and evaluate engagement strategies.
  • Strengthen capacities: Provide training and development opportunities, develop educational resources, foster leadership, incorporate best practices, and assess capacity-building efforts.
  • Address the gender gap: Increase the participation and representation of women in Wikimedia projects through events and initiatives, amplifying voices, encouraging leadership, and tracking progress.
  • Build strategic partnerships: Engage with organizations and institutions that share the vision and mission, establish mutually beneficial partnerships, collaborate, and evaluate partnership strategies.
  • Raise awareness and promote inclusiveness in the open knowledge ecosystem

Core Values

  • Openness: We embrace transparency and accessibility in all our endeavors, fostering an environment where information flows freely, and opportunities for engagement are available to all.
  • Inclusivity: Our organization is dedicated to creating a welcoming and diverse environment that values the perspectives and contributions of all individuals, ensuring that everyone feels included and heard.
  • Quality: Wikimedia Arusha is dedicated to delivering high standards of excellence in all aspects of its work, ensuring the quality and impact of our initiatives are consistently maintained.
  • Community: We recognize and prioritize the strength of communities, actively engaging with and supporting them to create a positive and lasting impact on their well-being.
  • Collaboration: Wikimedia Arusha values collaboration as a key driver for success. We actively seek and foster partnerships that enhance our collective ability to address challenges and achieve shared goals.
  • Impact: Our organization is committed to creating meaningful and sustainable outcomes. We measure our success by the positive and lasting impact we have on individuals and communities.
  • Respect: Wikimedia Arusha upholds a culture of respect, recognizing the inherent value and dignity of all individuals. We cultivate an environment where diverse perspectives and ideas are treated with consideration and courtesy.


From 12th April to 14 April 2019-Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Woubzena and Asaf Bartov conducted East Africa Training Workshop. On the last day of the workshop, Woubzena and Asaf asked people to give their commitments. Ebenezer Mlay gave a commitment that he will go share the knowledge he got with the people of Arusha in the Northern part of Tanzania. On September 2019, he moved to Arusha and conducted the first training with the community in Arusha. During the first workshop he was assisted with Innocent Massawe, Kevin Matola, and Alexander Demetro. Since then the Arusha community of Wikimedians was started and it took off. Ingo Koll, swwiki played a great role to support the first workshop. ]