Wikimedians of Arusha User Group

Wikimedians of Arusha User Group
LocationFlag of Tanzania.svg Tanzania
Country codeTZ
Official language(s)Swahili , English
An editathon in Arusha
An editathon in Arusha
1lib1ref editathon in Arusha


Wikimedians of Arusha User Group is a group of Wikimedians who are contributing to Wikimedia projects in Arusha, Tanzania. The group was established to create awareness and increase the number of participants to Wikimedia projects in the Northern part of Tanzania. The group focuses on providing training sessions on Wikimedia projects by organizing Editathons, Contests, Photohunts, and Workshops.


  • To create more awareness about the Wikimedia projects in the Northern part of Tanzania.
  • To increase the number of participants in the Wikimedia projects.
  • To provide training on Wikimedia projects
  • To increase the number of contributions to the SwahiliWiki.
  • To improve and create the Tanzanian contents in Wikimedia projects


  • Organizing editathons for Wikipedia
  • Contributing on Wikidata
  • Translation of articles from other languages to Swahili Wikipedia
  • Training the Arusha community and the northern Tanzania on how to contribute in Wikimedia projects.


From 12th April to 14 April 2019-Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Woubzena and Asaf Bartov conducted East Africa Training Workshop. On the last day of the workshop, Woubzena and Asaf asked people to give their commitments. Ebenezer Mlay gave a commitment that he will go share the knowledge he got with the people of Arusha in the Northern part of Tanzania. On September 2019, he moved to Arusha and conducted the first training with the community in Arusha. During the first workshop he was assisted with Innocent Massawe, Kevin Matola, and Alexander Demetro. Since then the Arusha community of Wikimedians was started and it took off. Ingo Koll, swwiki played a great role to support the first workshop.

Contact informationEdit

Events and ProjectsEdit

Wikimedians of Arusha have participated in the following events:

  • Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos,2021 -
  • Monthly Edit-a-thons 3
  • Months of African Cinema 2021

Ongoing EventsEdit

Women in Wiki TanzaniaEdit

The project intends to build awareness and develop skills for Women in Tanzania so as to bridge the gender gap and engage them in contributing to the Wikimedia movement. This project seeks to develop skills in Wikipedia.

Wikimedia projects training and edit-a-thonEdit

The project seeks to engage the Wikimedians from Arusha to participate and contribute to different Wikimedia projects.

Upcoming EventsEdit

Africa Wiki Challenge 2022Edit

The proposal focuses on writing Swahili Wikipedia articles based on the Africa's tremendous and beautiful culture. Participants will be able to write articles about different elements of African Culture. The elements that will be covered are tribes, festivals, food, marriages and rites of passage. Here is the link to the proposal [2]


  1. Ebenezer Mlay
  2. Gladness Gibson
  3. Praygod Mwanga
  4. Innocent Massawe
  5. Kevin Matola
  6. Alexender Demetro
  7. Iddy Ninga
  8. Godson Mganah
  9. Mary Calist
  10. Joseph Sikorei
  11. John Massawe
  12. Juma Omary
  13. Meriana
  14. Josephina Laizer
  15. Hermenegildi Malisa
  16. Siwema Nikini
  17. Christian Anold Mosha
  18. Christina Praygod
  19. Amina Pelle
  20. Mercyeth
  21. Nembmushi
  23. Ladies of the ladies
  24. Edna Isdor
  25. Suzan Mbaziro
  26. Clara lema
  27. Sarah Isaack Nkulu
  28. Mwanaidy Hamiss
  29. Suzann mollel
  30. Innocent Massawe
  31. Godson18
  32. Husseyn Issa
  33. Anuary Rajabu
  34. Francakiria
  35. Justine Msechu
  36. Anatory Evodius
  38. Adela selestine
  39. Mary Mushi
  40. Nick Wilfred
  41. Marz names
  43. George kibela
  44. Pasiciar
  45. Mukboss
  46. Collysoka
  47. Ez3 Kido2
  48. Mukusini
  49. Champion seleman
  50. Yuzo65
  51. Stephano Aminiel
  52. Carren loy
  53. Suzane Mollel
  54. Praise Robson Munisi
  55. Brenda Philbert
  56. Kelvin kevoo
  57. Eliya Lema
  58. Frank kisamo
  59. Joshua melkiory shirima
  60. Janeth Mosha
  61. Mohamed mfuu
  62. Tumain Shirima
  63. Rajab Hussein
  64. Jofrey Nehemia
  66. Aj mallya
  67. Gift mshana
  68. Martin sanguyan
  69. Coder Juniour
  70. Justine Benard 100
  71. Bizjohn
  72. Morgan Lema
  73. Super8 Devs
  74. Loshy joh
  75. Swanel037
  76. Rashda Hassan
  77. PyJoey
  78. Ezekieli Eliapenda
  79. Angel kituu
  80. Eliaking99
  81. Ezekieli Shayo
  82. Bizzjohn
  83. Cliffnyeusi
  84. Martin dorop sanguyan

How to joinEdit

The group warmly welcomes anyone willing to be part of the group. If you would like to be part of the User Group please communicate with the above listed contacts. We also look forward to recruiting new user group members by inviting them through the social media channels that we have already established. ]