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Meetings are held regularly, twice a month at different times to enable as many as possible to be able to participate at least once a month.
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The schedule is the first Sunday of the month and the third Sunday of the month . When the next meeting is decided, also add it to the Events calendar. Minutes are usually taken and saved.

Meeting informationEdit

Strategy prioritization meeting -


Feel free to put new points on the agenda. Add your name behind them in brackets if you would like to present it during the next meeting. If you find an idea with no name behind them, feel free to claim it by adding your name. Unclaimed agenda points will be cleared one hour before the meeting starts. Please also add which SDGs your agenda points relate to with {{SDG inline}}, if any.


  • Having a clean water editathon (UserName)   

Meeting 15 NovemberEdit

  • I propose to discuss about how we could participate as a group during the initiative "Wiki4Climate". In particular, it could be interesting to create or improve together one or more pages related to sustainability and climate change, planning to have and leave open a videochat (or several chatrooms, each one for a selected article to collaborate on) where Wikimedians for Sustainable Development or participants to Wiki4Climate can join from 24th November to 1st December in order to collaborate during the event Wiki4Climate. Also, we could provide a list of possible pages to improve for other participants. Furthermore, we could contact some local or global organization related to environment and ask them to participate to Wiki4Climate giving them directions on how to write on Wikipedia during the event. For example, I know a local group of FridaysForFuture, so I could contact them. Because of timezone and language issues, probably it is better to organize locally these types of collaborations; as Wikimedians for Sustainable Development we could discuss about what could be the most efficacious ways to stimulate and guide participation to Wiki4Climate, and share our experiences after the event. --Daniele Pugliesi (talk) 22:10, 13 November 2020 (UTC)